HTTP Access Logs

HTTP Access Logs


Checks for the presence of HTTP server access logs and read the last requests (default: last 5 minutes) and aggregates the requests per status code. You can check if a certain failure rate (requests leading to 4xx and 5xx status) is reached which will lead to WARN/CRIT state.

Latest Version

Version: 1.0
Packaged at: 29 Dec 2020
Created on Checkmk version: 1.6.0p18
Minimum Checkmk version required: 1.6.0
MPK MD5 hash: 428cbc109ddd7d0300d5f45cf13e1ce9
Check Manuals
  • access_logs
  • bakery/access_logs
  • plugins/access_logs
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  • access_logs
GUI Extensions
  • plugins/metrics/
  • plugins/wato/
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