Monitor fail2ban jail status

Latest Version

Version: 1.3.2
Packaged at: 07 May 2021
Created on Checkmk version: 2.0.0p3
Minimum Checkmk version required: 1.5.0
MPK MD5 hash: c1d093d2613fd7f05360ecbd1e3ccabc
  • fail2ban
Check Manuals
  • fail2ban
Check Plugins
  • fail2ban
PNP Templates
  • check_mk-fail2ban.php
GUI Extensions
  • plugins/perfometer/
  • plugins/wato/
  • 47k 29-07-2021
    It's working, but not fully contrallable, because:

    "Some GUI extensions could not be loaded. This may be caused by some incompatible extension packages.

    Loading "/omd/sites/sitename/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato/" failed: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'min_value'"
  • TheColin21 28-09-2021
    I am having the exact same issue as 47k

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