Kubernetes ingress and job info

Kubernetes ingress and job info


This check plug-in will be part of the first feature pack of Checkmk 1.6 and is available here for user tests in real environments.
Please delete this MKP from your instance after installing the feature pack.

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This MKP adds functionality to the existing Kubernetes monitoring.

The special agent now delivers information for Kubernetes jobs. The check provides information on active and terminated jobs and the job containers are counted in the HW/SW inventory.

This MKP adds as well checks for Kubernetes ingresses. It outputs path, port, and service name.

Latest Version

Version: 1.0
Packaged at: 08 Feb 2020
Created on Checkmk version: 1.6.0-2020.02.06
Minimum Checkmk version required: 1.6.0
MPK MD5 hash: 8d53ba8e0b2d41e8142fb0bee22575e9
Check Manuals
  • k8s_ingress_infos
  • k8s_job_info
  • special/agent_kubernetes
Check Plugins
  • k8s_ingress_infos
  • k8s_job_info
  • python/cmk/gui/plugins/views/k8s_inventory_view.py
  • k8s_ingress_info
  • k8s_job_container
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