Ovirt Plugin

Ovirt Plugin


This plugin monitors a ovirt infrastructure using the ovirt api on the host system.

It can monitor the hosts, snapshots, storage domains and general statistics. The statistics can be generated as piggyback data, just like checkmk does with the vmware agent.

Additionaly compatibility issues with different cluster and engine versions after a cluster or engine update are monitored.

It contains the checkmk Enterprise Edition feature for baking agents and wato GUIs for parameter definition.\n

Latest Version

Version: 2.0
Packaged at: 02 Sep 2021
Created on Checkmk version: 2.0.0p9
Minimum Checkmk version required: 2.0.0
MKP MD5 hash: b94c8ab401aad6efb1d4cd9f47ad46c4
This version requires Checkmk version 2.0.0 or higher
Agent Based
  • ovirt_compatibility.py
  • ovirt_hosts.py
  • ovirt_overview.py
  • ovirt_snapshots.py
  • ovirt_snapshots_engine.py
  • ovirt_storage_domains.py
  • ovirt_vmstats.py
  • plugins/ovirt_plugin.py
  • plugins/ovirt_plugin_2.py
  • check_mk/base/cee/plugins/bakery/ovirt_plugin.py
  • python3/cmk/base/cee/plugins/bakery/ovirt_plugin.py
GUI Extensions
  • plugins/wato/ovirt_plugin_cee.py
  • plugins/wato/ovirt_plugin.py
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