Count Services to get Performance Metrics

Count Services to get Performance Metrics


This Check is configured using a Special Agent, where you can set Patterns for Service Names and the wanted Output.

This Way, you can count for Example Agents Versions, and thanks to the metric you can view that on a Dashboard.

Latest Version

Version: 1.0.0
Packaged at: 11 Mar 2024
Created on Checkmk version: 2.2.0p23
Minimum Checkmk version required: 2.2.0p0
MKP MD5 hash: ff736e595099903711817b28d3dc9747
This version requires Checkmk version 2.0.0 or higher
Check Plugins
  • service_counter_agent
  • special/agent_service_counter
GUI Extensions
  • plugins/wato/
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