Evertz 7800 series frame controller

Evertz 7800 series frame controller

The Checkmk version on which this package was built is EOL. This package will likely not work on Checkmk version 2.0.0 and above.


SNMP based checks (framestatus, PSUs) for Evertz 7800 series framecontroller.

Latest Version

Version: 2016.02.12.1
Packaged at: 28 Nov 2017
Created on Checkmk version: 1.4.0
Minimum Checkmk version required: 1.2.8p2
MKP MD5 hash: 89ca20170331523d02ca9bf166ce4397
Check Plugins
  • evertz_fc_framestatus
  • evertz_fc_psu
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