Monitor LMSensor sensors output

Latest Version

Version: 1.6
Packaged at: 29 Mar 2017
Created on Checkmk version: 1.2.8p16
Minimum Checkmk version required: 1.1.10p1
MPK MD5 hash: 199266bfd9d750243b9bc49773b6b4d6
GUI Extensions
  • plugins/perfometer/lmsensors.py
Check Manuals
  • lmsensors
PNP Templates
  • check_mk-lmsensors.php
  • check_mk-lmsensors.fan.php
  • check_mk-lmsensors.temp.php
  • check_mk-lmsensors.volt.php
  • lmsensors
Check Plugins
  • lmsensors
  • DocNielsen 03-04-2020
    Broken in 1.6.0.
    The discovery function "inventory_lmsensors" of the check "lmsensors.temp" is expected to take a single argument (info or parsed), but it's taking the following arguments: ['checkname', 'info']. You will have to change the arguments of the discovery function to make it compatible with this Checkmk version.

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